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Are You Young and Gorgeous lady?
Always wanted to be a jet-set high-paid top model? Is your ambition to have fun and make money? Would you like to party with the rich and famous at the finest restaurants, clubs and lounges and get paid generously for the pleasure of your company? Why not join Miami Escort Agency? Our charming ladies lead charmed lives and earn fantastic incomes meeting and spending time with upscale gentlemen at most prestigious hotels and residences. 
How We Work:
We only work with upscale, sophisticated, educated, professional and nice looking clients who live or stay at hotels and residences that rate four and five stars. Our agency will provide you with:

-          Transportation on a luxury vehicle to and from the client.

-          In person introduction to the client (if by any reason you do not feel comfortable with a client, you are under no obligation to accept the date).

-          Client's picture ID verification, for your safety and security.

-          Payment processing. You never have to worry about collecting the donations from the clients. You will get paid by the agency at the end of the date.

-          Generous compensation plus bonuses! 

Additional benefits will be discussed during the interview.

Complementary accommodations in five star Miami residence provided FREE of charge! All models required to work on full time exclusive arrangement.


Girl Requirements:

Your looks:  in order to work with Miami Escort Agency, you have to be a dream girl of EVERY gentleman, not just some of them! In other words, you should have a perfect body of a professional model and a strikingly beautiful face.

Your age:  we ONLY work with ladies between 18 to 29 years old. This means that if you were born before 197X or after 198X, you are not qualified to work for Miami Escort Agency – regardless of how young or how “gown-up” you think you may look.

Your personality:  you should be charming, upbeat, outgoing and a pleasure to spend time with. If you have attitude problems, you are NOT qualified to work for our agency.

Your availability:  you must be available at least four days a week and be able to work on a set schedule.

No experience is necessary! There is no such thing as experience when it comes to beauty, charm, elegance and sophistication. Launch your career with us and we will train, prepare and represent you.


If you possess ALL the qualities listed above, please e-mail us your most recent photos and relevant personal information, such as age, height, weight, body measurements, previous experience and contact info for immediate consideration. Please be honest and provide the most accurate information so that we would not end up wasting each other’s time.

Your photos will NOT be posted to the internet without your permission.

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Phone:  786-859-2044